Home Should Feel Like Home

Meet the Team

Patrick Headshot Patrick Chamberlin - Team Leader

Patrick grew up in a Real Estate Family in Seattle and San Jose where Real Estate was always discussed at the dinner table. He knew from a young age, that he wanted to be a Realtor. Patrick moved to Tucson in 2008 to attend the Univesity of Arizona, and in 2012, graduated with degrees in Psychology and Marketing. After graduation he dove right into his real estate as a new home sales agent for 3 national builders. After selling new construction homes for 6 years, Patrick decided it was time to start his own career. 

Patrick's personality, problem solving skills, and business knowledge, set him apart from other Realtors in town. He believes that everyone should be treated like your best friend, even if it is your first time meeting them. Patrick's passion for marketing has not only allowed him to grow a successful real estate team, but it helps his clients sell their home for more money in less time, and helps them find homes that are not listed for sale. 

John Headshot John Barry - Team Advisor

Picture this - a smiling, fun filled natural born teacher, coach, partner, mentor, and friend. That is John Barry. John lives a spirtual life and believes we should do everything we can to empowers other. Life should not be a scorecard of what we have done for others and what others have done for you. We should just give from the goodness of our heart. Family is most important to John. His son, Michael, is the light of his life. His biggest wish in life is to be a good father and teach his son right from wrong.

John's role with the team has many facets. With his 45 years of Tucson Real Estate experience, he here to answer all of your questions and help you get in the best position to buy or sell your home when you are ready. He will also strategize with the team agents on every transaction to make sure our client's are getting the best deal. John also helps with the paperwork to make sure all deals close on time. John's friend's call him the "Encyclopedia of Real Estate".  

Jen Headshot Jen Vazquez - Sales Agent - Hablo Espanol

Jen has lived in Tucson her entire life except for a brief travel adventures. Everytime she comes back to Tucson, she loves it even more. She loves the people, the food, the mountains, and of course the sunsests, which she believes are the best in the world. Jen is passionate about feeling good and being the best version of herself. Jen's biggest motivation is her family and friends. It is because of them, she has the best support system on this planet. This is why Jen is so passionate about giving back and making others feel important and loved. Jen's goal in this life is to live everyday like there's no tomorrow.

Before getting into Real Estate Jen worked for different sales companies selling all sorts of items from furniture to therapy products. While selling for these companies she was able to meet thousands of people all over the country. These different experiences taught her that it all boils down to who you are and what your intentions are. She believed in what she was selling and why she was selling it. Everything else came naturally. Jen feels that we cross each other's path to learn from one another, and she is beyond excited to guide you through the real estate process while also having a blast! Jen's love for Arizona and meeting new people led her to become a Realtor.

Jose Headshot Jose Murillo - Sales Agent - Hablo Espanol

Jose was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Pomona, California. Jose is a huge baseball fan. He has played since he was 5 years old, and even volunteered as a Little League Coach in the same league that he played in when he was a kid. While attending Pomona High School, Jose mastered multitasking. While playing both Baseball and Football, he was able to graduate with honors. 

Before becoming a Realtor, Jose worked as an Instructional Aide and Substitute for the Special Education department. He also worked with the ‘Newcomer’s Program’ for students who had lived in the US for less than a year. Jose work with students from Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many other countries. Jose decided to move to Arizona in early 2020 with his girlfriend Jen (yes, that Jen). He chose real estate because of the freedom it allowed him to have while helping others achieve their own freedom.